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15 July 2020, 02:30 AM

What we learned and wondered through exploring a visible learning approach

A talk by Natasha Low
Hobsonville Point Secondary School

We found a visible learning approach to be a great framework for the complexities of teaching and learning. It helped teachers and students to work in partnership, to think about teaching and learning, to see and understand what learning was occurring and to plan for further learning. It helped us to position ourselves as learners too, to develop empathy with students and come to appreciate how rubrics can seem overwhelming and intimidating, which highlighted the importance of succinct, accessible language.

In this webinar I hope to share some of our journey, learning about the value & challenges of using a visible learning approach. I’d like to introduce a great resource from Cognition Education that helped us to conceptualise the capabilities of a ‘Visible Learner’. Importantly, I would like us to explore the wonderings we were left with and introduce a resource we created to develop teacher practice in this space, the Visible Learning Teacher Practice Rubric, It includes aspects of Russell Bishop’s relationship-based teaching and leadership profile, where teachers are presented as “leaders of learning” who deepen their understanding of how to create relational contexts, interact effectively and monitor progress (Bishop, 2017).

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